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In present global scenario of industrial competition each and every company is looking for reduction of cost of production or cost per product. Fuel utilized to generate heat or electricity plays important role in costing of industrial production as well as on the environment. Costly fuel increases the production cost hence gives corner edge to the company in global markets.

What if we could produce the units at a competitive rates to earn the upper edge in the market?

What if we could deliver our social responsibility towards the environment?

What if we could save the fossil fuel, borrowed from our next generation?

Cost cutting in fuel bills using renewable energy without compromising the quality and quantity of production is the only solution to above scenarios.

Yes…This is possible by utilizing renewable energy given by the nature without depending on nature…

Biomass energy is available in the nature in plenty of quantity in the form of energy farming, agriculture residues, garden wastes etc. Now days the biomass is compressed in a cylindrical form to be utilized as industrial fuel called Biomass Briquettes.

Area Of Work

  • Replacing Fossil Fuels by renewable green fuels
  • Conversion of fossil fuel fired furnaces
  • Conversion of Boilers
  • Conversion of Thermic Fluid Heaters
  • Diesel Generator sets
  • Operation and maintenance contract
  • Solar and Biomass based hot water generators.
  • Green Kitchens
  • Trading of Solid Fuels including Biomass briquettes, Coal (Imported and Indian).
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Client's List

  • M/s. Lime Chemicals
  • M/s Clariant Ltd.
  • M/s. Jubiliant Pvt Ltd.
  • M/s Viraj Steels Pvt Ltd.
  • M/s. Calchem
  • M/s. Poso Silicate
  • M/s. Demosha chemicals Pvt Ltd.