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About Vidhyut Power & Systems

We Vidhyut Power & Systems is the pioneer engineering firm especially in the field of conversion of Non renewable energy sources to Renewable energy sources related to steam boilers,Gasifiers,Heating & Melting furnaces, Thermic fluid heaters & Hot water generators.
In present global scenario industrial competition is cut throat. Increase in the rate of fossil fuel & causing global warming due to polluting content makes the fossil fuel unviable.
To replace these costly & polluting fossil fuels we provide tailor-made conversion solutions which replace liquid as well as gaseous fossil fuel by renewable fuel which is clean, green & cheap solid fuels called as Biomass Briquette

Every industry, every process has its own unique requirement and consumption pattern of heat and energy. We offer the tailor made projects to cater the unique energy requirements. Project implementation includes calculation of exact energy requirement, deriving the possible energy conservation parameters,design/sizing of energy conservation/ conversion equipment, supply, erection and commissioning up to the process integration. We also undertake the Operation, Maintenance & fuel supply responsibilities. 

Regular production of our client through process integration of energy conservation/conversion systems is termed as project completion for us.

The solid fuel/biomass briquette can be used as best alternative fuel in the era of energy crisis & parabolic rising fossil fuel rates. With our technology F.O,LDO, Diesel, LPG,NG fired boilers, furnaces, thermic fluid heaters, hot air, hot water generators can be converted to solid fuel firing mode.

Reduction in Fuel Bill upto 40 to 50% can be possible by using our systems.


Our Mission
To make the future of Industries and Environment sustainable by delivering tailor made Renewable energy and Energy Conservation solutions using cleaner and cheaper fuel. Our responsibility is from design upto process integration.

Our Vision
To replace the costly fuel by cheaper fuel and to make the globe completely pollution free.