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Biomass Briquette

Briquettes are manufactured from various types of Biomass (agricultural residues) available in nature. Loose biomass is compressed to form 90 or 60 mm cylindrical blocks which are used as fuel. Use of easily available agro residues for briquetting, makes this fuel as a cheap alternative for liquid and gaseous fossil fuel.

Advantages of Biomass Briquettes:

  • Cheaper alternative for fossil fuel.
  • Do not disturb Environmental Carbon Cycle.
  • No Sulphur content in the biomass hence No Sulphur dioxides pollution.
  • Due to nill Sulphur dioxide, corrosion of equipment is less.
  • Biomass used in Briquettes includes Bagasse, Saw dust, Ground nut shell, Coffee husk, Soybean husk, Cotton stalk, Coconut Shell, Gram husk etc.

Composition of Briquette

  • Carbon (%) - 47
  • Ash (%) - up to 15
  • H2 (%) - 6.4
  • Moisture (%) - less than 5%
  • Sulphur (%) - 0
  • Other traces (%) - 45
  • GCV (Kcal/kg) - 3500 to 4200*

Availability: With proper Supply Chain Management briquettes are easily available throughout the year. High density due to compression allows transportation of briquettes at long distances.

Supply of Solid fuel boilers

We supply Internal grate fired or External furnace fired boilers. Briquette/Coal can be used as fuel. Types of boiler we supply are as follows:

  • Smoke tube boiler.
  • Water tube boiler.

Capacity: 500 kg/hr up to 10 TPH.

Steps involved in supply of boiler

  • Calculation of load requirement. (Steam demand in process)
  • Sizing of boilers & accessories.
  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning of boilers.
  • Guidance for government authorities & approvals. (IBR, Pollution Control Board & Safety Inspector)
  • Supply of manpower viz. Boiler Proficiency Engineers, Boiler operators, firemen, helpers for operation & maintenance of boilers on chargeable basis.
  • Fuel supply on chargeable basis.
  • Documentation & Guidance for Government authorities & approval (Pollution Control Board/ IBR).
A) Internal grate fired boiler
  • We supply internal grate boiler where firing of fuel (briquette) is done manually on internal grate fitted inside the boiler, bars are locked by internal locking system.
  • Boiler mostly used are shell & tube type. Complete boiler automation system is provided including Mobery for water level control, pressure switch for auto cut off etc.
  • Heat conduction converts water into dry saturated steam.
  • Cyclone or Scrubber is provided for purification of flue gas & ID fan for combustion.
  • All boiler accessories, mountings & fittings are assemble according to IBR/Semi IBR norms as and where required.
  • Flue gas which passes through chimney to atmosphere is free from all hazardous effluents; it is according to requirement of Pollution Control board.

Advantages of Internal Grate boiler.

  • Compact in size.
  • Less heat transfer loss.
  • Higher temperature difference.
B) External furnace fired boiler
  • We supply (i.e. Design, Erection & Commissioning) external furnace for existing FO, LDO, Diesel and gas fired boilers.
  • External furnace made up of M.S. casing, IS8 grade fire bricks and insulation bricks. This external furnace is connected to boiler via detachable trolley duct (insulated inside) which carries heat from external furnace to boiler.
  • We do not alter any pressure parts of existing boiler in conversion process.
  • We also supply complete package consist of boiler (Old/New) and external furnace.
  • Cyclone or Scrubber is provided for purification of flue gas & ID fan for combustion control.
  • We may also provide Water/ Air pre-heater for boiler efficiency enhancement.
  • All boiler accessories, mountings & fittings are assembled according to IBR/Semi IBR norms as and where required.
  • Flue gas which passes through chimney to atmosphere is free from all hazardous effluents. Pollution control norms are strictly followed.

Advantages of External fired boiler.

  • High thermal mass.
  • Old (Existing) boiler can be easily converted.
  • No IBR modification required as pressure parts are kept untouched.
  • Provides complete and uniform combustion of fuel.
Conversion of Liquid/Gaseous fuel fired boilers to Solid fuel fired boilers.

Boiler conversion is carried out in 2 ways:

A) Conversion of Existing boiler into Internal grate furnace boiler.
  • Sizing of grate bars and design is made on the basis of steam load requirement and boiler specifications. Accordingly we supply internal grates for conversion procedure.
  • Unmounting existing boiler burners & mounting internal grate bars.
  • ID fan is provided for control of combustion.
  • All boiler accessories, mountings & fittings are assembled according to IBR/Semi IBR norms.
  • Flue gas which passes through chimney to atmosphere is free from all hazardous effluents. Pollution control norms are strictly followed.
  • Documentation & Guidance for Government authorities (Pollution Control Board/ IBR).
B) Conversion of Existing boiler into External furnace boiler.

Conversion steps involves:

  • Design supply and erection of external furnace suitable for steam load requirement.
  • External furnace will be placed near boiler, external furnace and boiler is connected via insulated duct.
  • Heat generated in external furnace by firing briquettes/coal is carried to boiler via duct. In between boiler and external furnace ash trap is provided to trap any flue ash going to boiler.
  • ID fan is provide for combustion control.
  • All boiler accessories & mountings are assemble according to IBR/Semi IBR norms.
Producer Gas Plants (Multi fuel fired)
  • We supply Updraft and down draft gasifiers of capacity 200kg/day to 32 Ton per day.
  • Gasification is a process of conversion of solid fuel into gaseous fuel but in controlled atmosphere.
  • Gas produced due to incomplete combustion of Biomass resulting in combustible gases like CO, H2 & CH4 is called as a Producer gas.
  • Process of gasification has been carried out usually in vertical cylindrical chamber/vessel which is called as Gasifier
  • Following chemical process are involved:
    • a) C + O2 - CO2
    • b) C + H2O - CO + 2H
    • c) C + CO2 - 2CO
    Composition of Producer Gas is as follows:
    • a) CO - 30 – 40%
    • b) 2H - 25 – 35%
    • c) CH4 - 1 – 3%
    • d) SPM - 120 ppm
    • e) C.V of gas- 1050 Kcal / m3
    • f) Flame temp of P.G 1200 Deg. C
  • The generated producer gas is cleaned by means of Cyclone, scrubber or ESP and passed through gas pipe.
  • Once the gas reaches at utilization point it is burned in burner provided by us.
  • To remove condensed volatile matter (i.e. Tar) Tar drain has been provided intermediate of main pipeline irrespective of length of pipeline (up to 500 mtr).
  • Ash formed in main cylindrical vessel can be removed in wet form by the worm & wheel mechanism from the bottom of gasifier.
  • Ash removed from gasifier is considered non-hazardous.

Steps involved in Supply of Gasifier.

  • Calculation of load requirement.
  • Sizing & determination of capacity of Producer gas plant.
  • Documentation & Guidance for Government authorities (Pollution Control Board).
  • Supply of equipment & verification when received at client’s site.
  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning of whole setup.
  • Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning of Pipeline & Superstructure.
  • Supply of manpower viz. skilled operators & unskilled helpers for Operation & Maintenance on chargeable basis.
  • Good quality fuel supply on chargeable basis.

Advantages of Producer gas.

  • It is cheap gas as compare to fossil fuels.
  • Best alternative for LPG, CNG, FO, LDO, HSD, LSHS etc.
  • It reduces Annual fuel bill up to 40-50%.
  • SO2, NOx contents are almost negligible.


  • Heating & Melting Furnaces.
  • Various types of Ovens & Driers.
  • Paint curing ovens & baking ovens.
  • Various types of kilns.
  • It can also be used in boiler for steam generation.
  • CHP generation.
Conversion of Existing Heating/ Melting furnace into Solid fuel fired furnace


We convert heating, melting furnace/oven from liquid / gas fired mode to solid fuel fired mode by using Producer Gas plants.

Steps involved in conversion

  • Calculation of load requirement.
  • Sizing of Producer gas plant & its accessories to match exiting load requirement
  • Design, fabricate, supply, erection & commission of Producer gas plant.
  • Design, fabricate, supply of single / dual fuel fired burner.
  • Removal of exiting burner assembly installing new single / dual fuel burner assembly
  • Fabrication, Erection & Commissioning of Pipeline & Superstructure.
  • Operation, general maintenance & supply of fuel on chargeable basis.
  • Documentation & Guidance for Government authorities (Pollution Control Board).
Thermic fluid heater/Hot oil generator
  • We supply Thermic Fluid Heaters of capacity 2 Lac Kcal/Hr to 30 Lac Kcal/Hr.
  • Thermic fluid which acts as a heat carrier is heated up in the coil and circulated through the user equipment.
  • Radiant and convective coils are placed above a solid fuel fired furnace consisting of M.S. casing, IS 8 quality fire bricks and insulation bricks.
  • Ash trapping chamber is provided with furnace. Flue gases transfers heat to thermic oil and hence increasing the temperature up to 260 deg C .
  • ID fan is provided for oil temperature and combustion control.


  • Suitable for higher temperature applications.
  • High steam pressure can be replaced by TFH because boiler system becomes bulky at high steam pressure.
  • Non pressurizing system, operation even for temperature around 250 to 280 deg C can be achieved.
Hot water generator
  • Design, Erection & Commissioning of Hot Water Generator using briquette as fuel replacing LDO, HSD & FO.
  • It’s basic way of operation is same as TFH & lining of equipment is also same as TFH only pressurized unit gets added.
  • Water in pressurized form is circulated through equipment & then it is heated up to 140 Deg. C (Optimum temperature which can be achieved) which is supplied to application site.
  • To preheat the water, provision of WPH is provided so that water can be utilized for any other process.
  • Gas purification unit is mounted between WPH and I.D. This adjustment is done if required according to PCB norms.

Note: Change in temperature can be done according to client’s requirement but optimum limit is 140 deg. C

Advantage of Hot Water Generator.

  • Water with high temp can be achieved.
  • Economically viable plant.
Air Heater
  • We supply briquette fired Hot Air Generator to replacing LPG, CNG, LDO, HSD & FO.
  • HAG consists of solid fuel fired furnace and a heat exchanger for indirect air heating

Advantages of Air heater

  • Simple & robust system.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Requires unskilled labour.
Green Kitchens

There are 3 types of project work under our scope they are as follows:

  • Thermic fluid Heater vessel where limpid coil is wounded around cooking vessel which can heat that vessel around 250 to 300 deg C.
  • Biomass fuel chulhas: A small cylindrical unit is provided where briquettes are burnt at smaller quantity & FD fan is set beside that small furnace which provides continuous flame.
  • Hot water generator unit where input is biomass briquette having capacity to heat 100 to 500 liter of water
Diesel Generator set
  • We provide brand new DG sets from 2 KVA to 1500 KVA in ready stock.
  • Our DG sets find their wide applications in offices, trade shows, institutions & hospital.