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Fossil fuels : are sources of energy that have developed within the earth in Carboniferous Period from about 360 to 286 million years ago. As these fuels cannot be re-generated frequently it is considered as non-renewable. Ex. Coal, Oil, Natural Gas.

Renewable energy : Energy that can be regenerated or regenerates within a time frame or cycle is called renewable energy.

Ex. Solar, Biomass, Wind.

Why to replace Fossil Fuels by renewable energy?

  • Non-renewable energy is limited in stocks and cannot be regenerated. Since supply is limited rates goes on increasing day by day.
  • Burning of fossil fuels disturbs the Carbon Cycle as we take the carbon buried in the earth and release the combustion product in air hence increasing Global warming.
  • Maximum expenditure of foreign currency in India is on import of crude oil. Use of biomass energy will not only reduces the oil import but also will make India self-sufficient in term of energy requirement.
  • Boosts rural economy as the raw biomass is purchased from farmers.

Why Biomass Energy compared to other renewable sources?

  • Since industry requires real time output from any energy source. Biomass energy is considered most reliable energy source while meeting fast and large quantity energy demand of industry.
  • Minimum startup time for biomass based utilities.
  • Less capital cost, hence payback period is attractive.

Principle of conversion:

  • To get the required heat load (Steam or Temperature etc.) calorific value of fuel has to be kept constant.
  • For X quantity of load
  • Calories burned (Fossil fuel) = Calories burned (Biomass briquettes)
  • From above principle we design the system to burned suitable amount of briquettes to match the required load of client.

Why we???

  • Our company is pioneer in supply of Turnkey Fuel conversation & Energy conservation solutions.
  • We supply our products on Out right Purchase as well as BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, transfer) basis as per client’s requirements.
  • Saving potential of your Annual fuel bill up to 40% to 50%.
  • Total Project Management.
  • After sales services including supply of fuel and manpower for operation and maintenance.
  • Our scope is not limited to supply but uptill process integration.

Example of saving calculation after conversion:

1. Existing fuel

Sr. No.




Existing Fuel



Quantity used per day

100 Kg/day


Quantity of Briquettes required to replace 1 kg LPG

4 kg/kg of LPG


Quantity of briquettes required per day

400 kg/day





Cost of LPG

Rs. 80/kg


Cost of briquettes

Rs. 5.50/kg





Daily fuel bill on LPG

100*80 =  Rs.8000/day


Daily fuel bill on Briquettes

400*5.5 = Rs. 2200/day


O & M cost

Rs. 600/day





Daily Net fuel bill saving (7) - (8+9)

Rs. 5,200/Day


Saving per kg of LPG

Rs. 52 i.e. 65%