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Turnkey Projects

We undertake complete turnkey fuel switch and energy conservation projects.Turnkey projects can be implemented commercially on Outright Purchase or BOOT (Build, Own, Operate& Transfer) basis. Following are the steps involved in Turnkey Project implementation:

  • Capacity/load calculation.
  • Sizing of Plants, Machinery & Equipment.
  • Design of Project, plant & Equipment.
  • Fabrication, Supply of Plant & Equipment.
  • Commissioning of plants
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Fuel Supply chain management
Engineering consultation
  • Energy Audit
  • Boiler Efficiency test by direct and indirect method
  • Furnace Efficiency Test
  • Consultation of utilities and thermal applications.
Engineering Drawings & Design
  • Provide Plant Layout, Foundation Drawings, Superstructure drawings for solid fuel boiler, Producer gas plants, TFH, Air Heater & Hot water generator.
  • Provide Engineering drawings & design of any equipment related to our systems.
  • Burner modification is also done.
Energy Project Management

\We undertake complete energy/ thermal project management by deploying our extended project manager at client’s site. Projects such as Boiler, Producer gas plants, TFH, Hot air, Hot water generators installations are managed by our skilled project managers.

Project management includes Planning, organizing, resource identification, supplier coordination, inventory management, supervision of erection and commissioning.

Plant Erection & Commissioning

Manpower supply and supervision of Erection & Commissioning of boilers, Producer gas plants, TFH, Air Heater & Hot water generator.

Operation, Maintenance & Man Power supply
  • Operation & Maintenance of solid fired boiler, Producer gas plants, TFH, Air Heater & Hot water generator.
  • Deputing man power i.e. skilled, semi-skilled & un-skilled labor on contract basis with complete Govt. responsibilities like ESIC & PF etc.
Supply Quality Briquette

We supply quality briquettes on committed quantity and committed quality basis. Commitment can be based on specific quantity, monthly, six month or yearly basis. In case of complete fuel supply order as per load we undertake supply chain and inventory management.

Supply Best Quality Coal

Supply good quality of Indonesian coal having calorific value of 5200 to 5800 Kcal/kg with Ash content 15-25%.

Waste Heat Recovery units
  • We provide various types of Heat Exchanger for waste heat recovery.This waste heat can be utilized for hot air or hot water generation.
  • We Design, Fabricate various types of Heat Exchangers.